brake system maintenance package

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B-101 brake disc cleaner

Product performance: environment-friendly formula, quick cleaning brake disc, brake hub and other parts, to keep its good heat dissipation.Free of hydrochloric acid, chlorofluorocarbons, directional carbides and harmful to human health

And can prevent the production of asbestos powder.

Usage: spray the part to be cleaned until the dust and oil stains are completely cleaned, then wipe it with a clean towel, leaving no dust and residual liquid.

Specification: 450 ml

B-102 pump guide pin lubricant

Product performance: keep the dust jacket soft;Prevent pump corrosion, extend the service life;Lubricate pump shaft to prevent sticking.

Usage: evenly apply a thin layer on the surface of guide pin and guide groove with brush, do not mix with any mineral oil.

Specification: 10 g

B-103 brake pad noise reducer

Product performance: used to eliminate squeaks of brake pads, prevent brake pads from being stuck by heat, prevent water and salt corrosion of brake system.Eliminate brake noise from the brake system.Applicable to ABS brake system, without metal component.

Trial method: first use brake disc cleaner to clean the brake pad, to make the disc, brake pliers and other parts.Use a small bristle brush on the back of the brake pad (the front side is forbidden) to apply a thin layer evenly to the brake pad, brake pliers and other parts.

Specification: 12 g

B-104 hub shaft rust - proof card protectant

Usage: evenly apply the brush to the contact surface of brake hub and around the center axle.

Product performance: 1100 ℃ high temperature resistant, corrosion prevention wheel hub bearing the root, to prevent the wheel disassembling difficulty, prolong the service life of wheel hub bearing, good lubricity, strong durability.

Specification: 15 g