Brake pad grease (oil bag)

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Product Performance: 
1. Braking pad grease made by ceramic nanometer material with special technology that can resist to high temperature.

2. It is ceramic assembly ointment without metal and can resist to high temperature well.

3. It is used for the back of braking pad and spout, which can eliminates the corrosion between braking pad and slot and reduces braking noise. In this way, it can dissipate heat, absorpt shock and reduce noise.

4. It can prevent the braking pad from heated stuck and salt corrosive. It is especially available for ABS braking system.

Product Feature:

1.Excellent high temperature-resistant and adhesion, low coefficient of friction, and high load carrying capacity.

2. Hardly evaporates and remains excellent lubrication capacity at high temperature.

3. It is white and environmental, corrosion acid resistance and can not corrode metal. It can also resist hot and cool water.

4. It can prevent holding shaft and stands wear and tear. It also can prevent the brake system from hystereesi even under high pressure. 


Direction: Plaster a slice of braking pad noise reduction agent on the back of braking pad(the place that brake pad contact with calipers) before you install the braking pad.