Banod hub shaft maintenance project

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Wheel hub shaft derusting maintenance special toolbox

In the process of driving, hub components of vehicles will cause hub shaft head corrosion and high temperature sticking (sintering) phenomenon, which seriously affects the service life of the hub.Greatly reduce the safety of driving, causing difficult to remove the tire or even the risk of broken hub screws.

Scope of application:

It is suitable for thread, nut, bolt, hub and hub shaft to prevent sticking, removing rust and corrosion under extremely high temperature.


1. After the tyre is disassembled, use the special tool for wheel hub maintenance to quickly polish and remove rust on the center parts of wheel hub, hub hub and steel ring.

2. After cleaning, use a special brush or finger set to daub the hub shaft anti-rust protector.

3. Daub assembly screws on the hub shaft anti-rust remover protectant and install the recovered tire.